Thursday, 5 July 2012

Work Experience and Op Shop Balls

Hola Good Sirs and Ladettes,

This week, by most standards, as been quite a good week. I had work experience at the Mail, which is the local newspaper for the region. The first few days were average, just typing things that someone else wrote into a computer, but the last day was pretty great. I got to write an article about Southbound, a major music festival in Busselton in January. They just released the first part of the line up on Tuesday (which happens to consist of Boy & Bear, The Vaccines, The Flaming Lips and Beach House diukjfndb) which I understandably got incredibly excited over, but then remembered that Southbound is over 18 and I'll be in Melbourne then anyway. I had a good ol' mental cry about that and then carried on with my life.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Albany with Nell, Paulie and Clarissa. It's going to be amazing. Bloody cold, but amazing. It's a 6 hour drive though so at this current point in time I'm stocking up my ipod with a whole lot of lovely tunes from Albany is filled with little opshops, so I'm going to try and get something for the ball.

Speaking of, The Op Shop Ball! Words cannot describe how excited I am. I'm on the formal committee, and I've been elected as in charge of music, which means there will be no LMFAO or Bieber in (ear) sight. I'm going to talk to someone about a live band, and now I've got a playlist consisting of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Jet and heaps more. I understand that I'm going to have to accommodate to everyone's music tastes, so I'll mix it up a bit. I'll make it work. It's going to be amazing.

Anyway, stuff to do and tea to drink.
I'll catch you later


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